Amelia Webster

Amelia Webster is a portrait artist, based in Devon.

Amelia’s portraits are explored in a contemporary realism style but are not just a study in paint. Amelia aims to explore the human condition by studying the human figure, inviting the viewer to take a moment to reflect on their place in today’s society.

Based in a studio in Pottery Court, Chudleigh, Amelia explores the relationship between herself and her sitter. Amelia’s models are the ‘everyday’ people you pass on the street. Each one has their own story to tell and Amelia feels by spending time listening she can capture their story in paint.

Amelia believes this relationship is integral to create a portrait with presence. The conversations and time spent together become encapsulated in her practice and permeate throughout the paint.

Amelia works predominantly with oil paints and works from both life and from photographs. Amelia graduated from BA (Hons) Painting, Drawing an Printmaking in 2017 and has completed a foundation in Art Therapy.

Commissions Welcome.